Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last/First :: Seven Sketches Sneak Peek

I prepared art card blanks for a few weeks while my nephew drew anime and the baby fingerpainted her paper herself the entire house. When the tween was gone and the Birdy asleep, I did a jumpstart ACEO. I think I'll do a weekly post with all seven sketches, mostly because 'Seven Sketches :: January 1-7 2009" is an awesome post title. The Seven Sketches Project... fabulous. I'll post them on Etsy each week, too. I'm saving high-res scans, too in case I want to show or sell the entire set at year's end.

This started with pen doodles, then I colored it with Prismacolor pencils, grease pencils, Sharpies, and oil pastels. I'm thinking about varnishing these to protect the surface. That might be really cool- tiny sketches all shiny like jewels?

I discovered that Sharpie pens bleed on my watercolor paper, and it made me happy. Accidental textures are wonderful. Observe:

Now I'm off for tortilla shell pizzas and cheap champagne. Bonne Année!

I'm participating in Grace in Small Things by sketching every day for a year and posting the set of seven each week. Get your own gratitude-groove on (no doodles necessary) and get your badges here.

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