Thursday, December 18, 2008

seasonal. affective. disorder.

Hi, I'm Daisy, the posterfuckingchild for S.A.D., the most unfortunately abbreviated condition known to psychiatry. Blather though I may about dysthymia, anxiety, PMDD, and insomnia; the Dark, Horrible Evil Season of EVIL is my one true nemesis. I believe my blood has turned to lead. Much as Jeremy Piven's has turned to Mercury. I mean mercury. (Note to self: when not invoking a god God, one does not capitalize mercury.) What is he doing- eating sushi for three meals a day? (If I were Jeremy Piven, I would totally eat sushi three times a day. I would drink mimosas with my breakfast sushi, bloody marys with lunch sushi, then sake with dinner sushi.)

The only time I have energy is when I'm having an anxiety attack. O I hate winter. I have friends for whom the snow sings or something, like the first crocuses do to me. But I do not understand it. No energy or pretty words for to finish blog posting. This sentence makes me ask this: Would I <3 David Sedaris? I think I am supposed to have read him. Possibly his sister? Amy? too? I noticed how little I've read since birthin' my Birdy. Women who are still productive members of society and think actual adult thoughts during toddler mothering are my new heroines.

Sunlight. Oh *gllllllerrrrrrghhhhhhhhhlllll sniffle cry* I needz you come back nao plz. Just a brief shiny pause in the rain would be divine.


  1. Thank you for writing this. You are making me miss my blog now. I totally miss sunlight. And energy. And staying up late to have sex and rushing to work in the morning with frumpy sleepy hair. And sun-kisses skin and sweating. And cute shorts and tanks tops and flip flops and sun dresses. And swimming pools and picnics and road trips and fun. This winter has been particularly tough again. Hopefully once someone answers my craigslist ad for a personal massage-giver/naked-dinner-maker I'll feel better :D

  2. Sorry you're feeling blue, Daisygirl. Just try to spend some time outside, even in the rain and cold, and maybe you'll find something to love about it.

  3. Thanks for the love, my ladies. Some fresh (chilly) air would be good. And the dusty treadmill...

  4. move to L.A. but it's expensive and full of evilness
    move to Vegas, it's cheap, but very weird
    move to AZ....Tempe is a college town...

    living where it snows makes no sense to me.

  5. dear cousin, you need to seriously take vitamin d. seriously, lots of it. google it. it helps your body process the sunlight you do get. yep, VITAMIN D...


  6. Specifically D3, that's what I'm trying this year and it appears to be working (although what with the actual clinical depression of late, who the fuck really knows! But I'm pulling out of the depression despite the winter... so...)


  7. I loves you. I too have lead in my veins. would type more but I can't think of anything. brain tubes are clogged.