Friday, December 19, 2008

Sweaters for Trees, Knit Graffiti, & Windpowered Sketchbooks

I used to have an obsession with tree imagery, especially kind anthropomorphized (um, gynomorphized?) woman/goddess/trees so I am really smitten with this piece. Speaks to the part of me that loves prayer flags too, aethetically. I found it on Jafabrit's Art via Art News Blog. Then I saw a reference to knitted graffiti- Jafabrit and friends wrapped a street sign pole in lovely knitted stuff. There was an accident, and the city had to replace the pole, and they moved the art onto the new one. Amazingly groovy.)

My coworkers got me a gift card for art supplies, and I found two perfect sketchpads. I picked up a thick watercolor paper pad for the daily sketch cards and a small spiralbound sketchbook to carry everyday. (An old habit I'm rekindling.) The book is 100% post consumer recylced as well as made with wind energy. Who knew? It was $4.99 at Michael's. I also bought three thicknesses of Pigma Micron pens for the doodles. I'm going to make up a little kit with pens, pre-measured paper, and drawing board so all my junk is easy to carry to bed, couch, studio, wherever- a sketch a day, no excuses.

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  1. I am glad you like the tree :) the beautiful thing about our tree project is that it became a community tree. People would leave gifts on it, in the pockets, anything from a lovely note or prayer, a bottle a beer, incense etc. One couple got married under it.

    hum, you do some really cool work. off to visit your shop.

    all the best jafabrit