Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Treasure Nest Tuesday #10: Grandma's Necklace

My aunt subtly instructed me to start stealing from Grandma's house when I drop in. No, really. Grandma's sister lives close by, and was apparently repo-ing anything she'd ever given Grandma as a gift, 'cause she's classy. I hooked the brother-in-law up with some things he needed for his apartment, and looked for some little treasures for myself. Grandma's not a big jewelry junkie like her daughers and granddaughter, so I cheerfully adopted this pretty beaded nacklace. I wonder where she got it? I'll ask her next time we visit. (Mommies and babies are banned from nursing home because they have the plague right now.)

The rosy beads against the crimson ones is a very charming look, no? This has become my favorite necklace structure- three strands with a hook that fastens to an adjustable strand of little beads. (My absolute favorite is a blue one that is married to my Patsy Cline teeshirt. They are a truly lovely couple.) This red necklace is dating the green sweater this holiday season; It's getting pretty serious. The lime green and deep red is not quite the ubiquitous red/green hues that make me ill, but they still say "OH HAI! I'm @ UR xmas parties, havin' teh cheer. Fix me 'nother drink, wouldjasweetie?"

Edit: Peeps, tell me when I have a misspelling in my post title. Or anywhere. Blah.


  1. You have a Patsy Cline t-shirt?! Want.

  2. Nice. There was no reposessing when my grandmother was dying, but then she was handing off stuff to all visitors for the last couple years of her life. My mom instructed me to take whatever was offered. Once my grandmother gave me a sealed, unused 5 pack of men's underwear that she thought my husband my need. I wonder what the luggage screeners thought of that.