Friday, December 19, 2008

Twelve First Lines

Stealing a meme from Lexi's This Wabi Sabi Life, I've compiled the opening sentences from the first post each month of 2008.

January: I don't do resolutions... technically.

February: Watched 'Candy' last night and had to stop midstream to sob hysterically.

March: Remember a few months ago when I lamented that I am awful as a toddler mom but had been so good at infant mothering?

April: [no words. Just an image of The Fool from the tarot.]

May: Synchronicity swirling around me again, I am having the Week of Addressing Disabilities.

June: I'm interested in the fact that I <3 Twitter so much, in sharp contrast to the Great Twitter Antipathy espoused by a great many of my like-minded interweb friends.

July: So, life has been absolute insanity.

August: Did everyone see the story about the woman who is in litigation against a surgeon who put a temporary tattoo on her pelvis without consent?

September: I'm missing completing my holiday-weekend internet vacation by three hours, but it's done its job.

October: When I was pregnant part of my nesting obsession was a sudden, passionate need to teach myself to bake.

November: I was just overwhelmed and a little bit drunk last night and I stared at my post editor with tears streaming down my face, McCain's concession speech on the telly and the Grant Park ecstasy on my other monitor.

December: Oh, the busy- it burns.


  1. I totally did not see that temp tat story! Now I am all intrigued...