Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Your Friendly Neighborhood Year-End Post: Processing, Closure, Reflection, and Best of all, Lists! Also, Rum.

I know it* appears to be a mild-mannered cup of tea, but rest assured, it is a hot toddy (or maybe technically not, but whatever; It's chamomile tea, spiced rum, and honey.) My second is on my Audrey Beardsley coaster and the Birdlet is on my lap watching James and the Giant Peach. It is time, denizens of blogtopia, to ruminate. Here, then, is my list of Whatever Junk Wot Happened in These Past Twelve Months and Comes to Mind as I Type:

Best IM Conversation of 2008:
Chatting through tears with Laura as Barack Obama declared President of the United States. See also,
Best Election Result of 2008 in History Ever Ever Ever
Best Reason to Abandon Plans to Move to Cold, Cold Canada
Best Cry of 2008

Great Bloggers-of-Crushworthy-Brains Womyn I Discovered in 2008, in Alphabetical Order Because it is not a Hierarchical List:
Miss Banshee

Most Horrific Moment of 2008:
"Drill, Baby, Drill!" The GOP looked right at me through my TV and said "We want to kill your Goddess!!!!!!111!!!!1!!! with big grindy phallic evil industrial greedy machines of horrible death."

Funniest Bisexual Family Bonding Moment of 2008:
In line at Target, when my brother's and my jaws simultaneously ate linoleum when we saw the Tina Fey Vanity Fair cover for the first time.

2008's Best Idea I Utterly Neglected to Consistently Manifest:
Treasure Nest Tuesdays.

Biggest Fuck You Slap in the Face of 2008:
Prop 8 passes. (Runner up: Obama's picking Rick Warren to speak at inauguration.)

Most Non-Event Event of 2008:
Weaning the Mollybird.

Best 2008 Pop Culture EPIC WIN:
Dr. Horrible
(Most mixed-emotion weird guilty pleasure pop culture phenomenon to hit my radar '08 was obviously the Twilight series.)

Best Mommy Moment of 2008:
Holding the Bird in the ocean for the first time.

Best Daisy Moment of 2008:
Weave cover/local art show

Best Last Minute Good News of 2008:
Dad-of-Bu gets to come home tonight; no New Year's Eve in the hospital. (He has to get a pacemaker/defib but they'll arrange that next week.)

*It is an ACEO for a fantastic new project I'm launching to sketch an art card every day. See art blog for details. This is a sneak preview for my special, darling y'all. I had to sort of talk myself into/give myself permission to be whimsical as I feel the need. My art takes itself sofuckingseriously, but I really don't always. Sometimes flippant Daisy, sometimes heavy, sturdy Bones.

So: swirly, teacuppish goodness. And since I'm subtly outing my identity, go shop at my Etsy shop please & thanks.


  1. This is such a lovely post. You mention me/Weave twice and I think perhaps I might have affected you in the same way you have affected me this year. I was nervous to know you in person, but we made the transition from online-chat-blogger-buds to seriously-awesome-soul-sister-life-friends! Seriously girl, you have shared the best and worst of my 2008 and I don't want to think about what it would have been like without you.

    Looking forward to our friendship in 2009 :)

  2. @Schmutzie Cheers! Happy New Year!
    @Laura Same here, sistergirlfriend:)