Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Babysitting Tweets

Daisy's sitter services include state-of-the-art communications. By implementing Goofy Microblogging About Your Kids (TM) I will keep you entertained at work brief you as to the goings-on of boys Jedis and puppies Pirates in your home. (I reserve the right to publish babysitting tweets at my whim on a quiet Saturday morning in pitifully lame attempt to inject Funny into a worn out blog suffering from Wintry Badness.)


is home. dharma sniffing me suspiciously. made off with remaining volumes of Y! thx souster- what a fun day:) 1:47 PM Jan 16th from TwitterFox

that's got to be the best pirate puppy i've ever seen. *headdesk* 12:45 PM Jan 16th from web

thought he was asleep on my wrap shawl thing, but no. was NOMing on graphic novel. quietly. 12:44 PM Jan 16th from web

fuck. i owe you a Y Book 6, souster. wish i were joking. tiny jack teeth in cover thru page 27. mebbe is my babysitting fee? shit 12:42 PM Jan 16th from web

6 year old V. argued so convincingly that i had to Google "Hoth" to reassure myself that Planet zOMG Cold isn't actually "Hof." 12:37 PM Jan 16th from web

my human charges remain adorable, erudite, and hyperkinetic. i'm in book 6 of "Y." i want a monkey. 12:18 PM Jan 16th from web

on the whole though, he's pretty snuggly & pwecious. so itsy... my dharma has FLEAS bigger than this babydog. 12:13 PM Jan 16th from web

difference between Jack Sparrow, Puppy Pirate and our Mr. Depp's character? i just told pup to *stop* biting ;) 12:12 PM Jan 16th from web

WTF is up with rollerball whatsits?! NORMAL people use MICE! or even a pen would be nice... damn. 9:13 AM Jan 16th from web

is *NOT* fighting with light sabers in the living room. in fact *is not the babysitter you're looking for* 9:11 AM Jan 16th from web

de-webifying to dive into massive pile of graphic novels laid out by the souster. am so going to blog Ode to Mah Bitch later. 8:36 AM Jan 16th from web

says V: "those are two good, strong fingers you've got there." damn straight kiddo. mah BFFs kids completely rock. 8:22 AM Jan 16th from web

has been schooled in Star Wars, been deemed a "great chef" for inserting items into toaster, and had funky arm well-praised. 8:19 AM Jan 16th

would like to trade one 2.75 year old girl for two 5 & 6 year old boys nao plz. this shit is CAKE. 8:15 AM Jan 16th from web

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  1. That shit IS cake until they are 12 through 14...then 2.75 looks good again.