Friday, January 9, 2009

Date, Interrupted

I have built an outfit that pleases me to a ridiculous degree. My saucy self straightened my hair and prepared to go Be Hip at a coffee shop working on sketches while Bu played on his laptop, after a NOM of a Mexican meal.

And then.

We got a message on Bu's phone, in a squeaky tinkly voice: DaddymamaIwancomehome. Iwuvyou. Icancomehome?BAI.

So we bailed, and I explained to the Buddha that somebody had to witness my favorite dress-with-jeans look. So fucking what if it's so 1992. I rocked it, and now I'm stripping down to some ugly jammies and watching Monsters, Inc. with mah Bu and mah Boo.


  1. You *do* fucking rock it! You especially rock that smile in the last pic ;)

  2. You are so fucking 1992 and it totally rawks! LOVE the BANGS!

  3. Love it! Love the scarf. Love that you would run home for your kid. (We so wouldn't for the record. We'd be like, "Suck it kid.")

  4. Ow ow! That's so cute babe. I love the dress with pants thing. I got a long grey sweater for christmas thats almost like a dress on me. It's cute, despite the super girly cut of it. the neckline is so wide, I don't know whether to leave it where it is, or pull it around my shoulders. You are such a cute momma.

    For the record, I'm here with an 8 Year old Japanese girl and I keep wondering if all the little kids in my life, the bird included, are going to be as geeky as her. She has a DS and hasn't stopped playing it yet. Adorable.


  5. @Addie the Watcheristica Adorabilius:
    Yeah... the Bird seems destined for geekiness. Her pops decided she needs a PC (an old one that's too slow for us to use now) despite my compelling argument: "She's TWO. But... she's TWOOOOOO." He's in no hurry, so she'll probably be 3 actually. I dunno. Crunchy mom me & Net Addict me are in a duel about kids & tech. We'll see what happens.

    @Scarbiedollface Sweetiedarling:
    (That handle rocks my socks. Do we still say handle? Again with the retro... now I'm 1986 Commodore-64 BBS posting girl.) Yeah, in different circumstances we would have made her cowgirl up about it, but we were both ambivalent about not spending the evening with her. We miss her a lot. We both work outside the home, and have hobbie/second jobs in the arts and every second of time not-with-BirdyBoo must be over-analyzed to see if a panic attack is necessary:) So, we caved. I adore Monsters, Inc, so it was still a nice family date.

    @Laura My Honey Bunny but not Creepy Bunny:
    I maintain that the 90s will forever inform my style, and if the GAWDHELPUS *Eighties* are back, then in a few years I'll be in my element again & be a fashionista suprema:)

    Viva le grunge!
    NIN forever!
    Daisy + Eddie Vedder 4 life!

  6. Re: geekiness...

    Ciaran regularly gets on the computer to "check his e-mail" (yesterday he left a long line of text that looked rather disturbingly like Finnish on Graham's open mIRC chat window). He loves the keyboard, loves all things computery, and I have no doubt that he'll be tinkering away in a few years...months...weeks?!

    I tell myself it's all to the good and, after all, at least I haven't bought him a LeapPad or something, right?

  7. M said to me yesterday that since the 80s are in right now "Soon it will be the 90s again!!!!" and we both got excited and I was like, "OMG, I'll be fashionable again!!!!" And then my bubble burst, for surely I will not actually be cool. Sigh. Although I will have dreads this time around, that should count for something, right?