Friday, January 2, 2009

Diary of a Lovesong

...more accurately, lovesong to a diary but if I use that title I can't reference A Perfect Circle, and you'd be so sad that I didn't.

More goofy prattle-heavy prelude:
Before we get into the actual post, let me amuse you with this verbatim reply to an email from my Dad, providing no context whatsoever:

The queer reindeer blogger leaves me unsure whether he's being sarcastic about the "gays = evil" thing or seriously hates gays. Meh.. I think he's being ironic & will therefore be amused rather than offended. Argh... the perils of over-thinking.

Actual Content:
I doodled this as a thank you letter to the blog, and also to my own dualist-but-integrated self. The gothippy, only-wearing-black-until-they-invent-a-darker-colour-OH-LOOK-shiny-beads!!-i-love-pretty-things-you-know-what's-pretty?-daisies!-and-also?-RAINBOWS-oh-my-fucking-GODS-i'm-so-depressed-can-somebody-talk-me-down? nature of me.

My love story is this: I started blogging in the ancient nineties, not using blog software at all but doing some kind of weird html thing to [utterfly fail to] organize entries. Then I moved to LiveJournal and was very into the glorious world of refusing to edit at all or to capitalize or refrain from oversharing. I eventually decided I wanted a grown-up blog, and possibly an audience, so I decided to start a thoughtful, lovingly reflective mommyblog. I then realized I needed to let my freak flag fly and write more stream-of-consciousness, open-brain-start-typing than essays about the cosmic Goddessy beauty of nursing a tiny baby who hadn't yet grown teeth and started to exhaust and overwhelm. It followed that I wanted/needed to be quasi-anonymous and Daisybones was born. (Or daisybones or Daisy Bones or whatever I enjoy on a given day.)

I brainstormed names for quite a while, once settling for a few whole minutes on Daisies & Demons, and from there sprang DaisyBones which swept me off my feet with its very appropriate rhyming with lazy bones. I'd sought a title that would describe my double whammy of whimsy and whining using the simple bursty-like words I like to use in art titles. (Every art piece or poem I've made ever includes the words Hot, Blood, Dirt, Earth, Snake, Fire, Water, Woman, Blood, Birth, Death, etc. in some combination.)

Deciding that my entire raison d'blog was to scurry between extremes as easily as I do when I write/doodle in my real journals and sketchbooks was the most liberating brainchild I've ever birthed. Uncoincidentally, motherhood is a similar roller coaster of bliss/kill me that has reinforced my world-view.

So, I thank you. You being the suddenly anthropomorphized blog but also you reading people. I'm a firm believer in hugs and kisses and ego-salvaging supportiveness writing to/from/with audience/community awareness. I've also fallen madly in friend-love with several amazing people through writing here, and I'm kind of gushy and repetitive and I'll stop now but I love you.

Total hyphyen count: 43; Total Slash count: 6; Daisy grammar abuse WIN!!!


  1. Your posts are just getting more and more amazing and wonderous, mah darling! As much as I miss ya over on LJ (but am contemplating a move myself, eep!) I love coming over here and getting the whole-self daisybones fix :D

    We must chat/ meetup. STAT!

  2. Snake count = TOO MANY! ;)

    But even I will admit that sketch is twinkling with awesome ;)

  3. @Lexi
    I think the more I'm sketching, the better I write. I tap into the real creative stuffs of my brain:) Thank you so much for the lovely praise!

    Aw... I think of you a lot when I'm posting snakey stuff. I had another dear Wiccan friend who was terrified of snakes. Always seemed cute to me, because in my brain snake-energy is so my Witchy mojo. It's funny how me-centered my idea of Wicca can be. When people talk about their 'familiars' & power animals or guides or whatev, and those animals are furry cuties, I'm all "Oh how adorably quaint and silly." But duh... I totally magic-fetish-ify snakes.

    I promise for a week I won't say snake. I'll use code-word "curlies", OK? *hugs*

  4. You are being featured on Intrepid Tuesday!

  5. Wow! Love it! Thanks to fivestarfriday for leading me to you.