Thursday, January 22, 2009

mobile blogging

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  1. There should be a bumper sticker to put with it that reads, "A gift is a choice."

    You don't sound very WV [accent-wise] except maybe on "own" toward the end ;). Your voice is lovely!

  2. Mmmm... It's 'cause I knew you people would hear it. I almost automatically dial it down when I know yinzers & other brands of non-twangers will hear me:) It's sort of annoying to me that I do that. It is most pronounced around the very twangy- I pick accents up easily, too. Makes me feel weak, that. I love to hear well-spoken locals with cute twang. We have a reporter on public radio who manages to sound both very Appalachian and very professional and I sound like a hateful asshat for insinuating that most of us don't so I'll STFU now and hide.

    Maybe I'll try to phone blog without twang temperance. Might have to be drunk...LOL.