Sunday, January 18, 2009

Seven Sketches #13: Mama Bird

Text reads:

I curl around you here
and it's quite more than human.

This fierce but fragile cradle
speaks older stories than
fur and milk.
Your newness
and my love
are ancient.

I have a series I've been imagining since the Birdy girl was newborn. It's an exploration of the essential nature of being human using animal metaphors. Sort of touching on anthropology, evolution, and the idea that as we evolve and refine technology we move to a place where we don't have much in common with those human animals that first emerged on the mammal branch of the tree of life. My motherhood is very mammal- a clinging child like a monkey infant on its mother's back, a kangaroo carrying her child in her long after birth, a mother bear's teeth and claws protecting her cub.

But also parenthood is older and primal and reptilian/avian. And often, it's play and nesting and feather-soft.

I think I'm going to work this particular doodle into a larger digital painting. The branch/tree thing is weird but I really love the way mama's beak curves directly into her egg, and how the wing sort of flows right into the nest.

I'm participating in Grace in Small Things by sketching every day for a year and posting the set of seven each week. Get your own gratitude-groove on (no doodles necessary) and get your badges here.

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  1. I love your words here and the imagery. Your idea to discuss humanity through our connection (or disconnection) with the animal world, is a beautiful idea. I look forward to watching you explore this.