Friday, January 30, 2009

Seven Sketches: #24-#27: Gravity/Levity and Invisible Deer

Thursday night I packed up my big olive messenger bag with pens, colored pencils, and paper and hung out at Books-A-Million for a couple of hours. I bought a Juxtapoz and read an interview with Herakut, who are pretty awesome. Their aesthetic is a little bit too pop/anime something for my taste, but the work is really great, and the approach really made me want to do some collaborative work. Happily, my cousin and I are nurturing a microscopic seedling of a project. Here's a Herakut piece, Mother Was Blind:

Their work in Juxtapoz had some deer in it, and it put me in mind of Davka Deer Girl. My first ACEO was a deer drawing for her but it's really quite awful so I'll rework it before posting or mailing. (The way I abstracted and en-swirly-fied* the deer made them look like twee little unicorns and if I showed you that much precious, I'd have to kill myself.)

Then I did one I like:

Then I doodled a face, and at first I thought it was Tim Curry but quickly realized it was Shiva:

After that, I began to miss the baby, so I drew this,

and decided that Sharpie under Prismacolor pencil on cold-press watercolor paper is the second best texture on Planet Earth. The first best is snow that half-melted then froze over and goes crisp-crunch beneath my feet. You'd know that already, if I'd remembered to link to the BRAND NEW, WICKED AWESOME and very shiny Grace in Small Things Social Network and my wee, random posts. Please join and feel the love.

*Take note. The art movement of cute!no,sad...but-cute that my ACEOs are starting will soon be known as Enswirlification. I'll have a Wikipedia page maybe. I'm about flipping sick of cute ones and may have to make about thirteen black &/or red ones with Anger About the Patriarchy this weekend.


  1. Heidi these are fantastic I'm so excited for you.

  2. Gravity/Levity stopped me in my tracks.