Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sneaky Art

This won't post to the art blog until tomorrow but I haven't cross-posted any sketches lately, and also I'm still really giddy and 'cited (that's Mollyspeak. She grins & beams, "I so cited!!!") so I'm doing another sneak preview.

This doodle makes me so happy. I doubt I'll sell this one. I was thinking about personal symbols- images that are like a visual theme song. For me these include my tattoos (only the first and favorite is pictured,) crows, beads, snakes, spirals, moons, stars/suns, the yoni. (Even the number 23 makes me smile, thinking of Eris and the Principia Discordia.) The spine is a wink at Frida Kahlo, fellow visual journaler and surrealist-visual-autobiographer. (And the wink at Frida is a wink within a wink at my Lexie!)

Long before I got my tattoo, I predicted I'd eventually have several (the current count is three) but I knew the first one would have to be something that packed a lot of mojo. I think of tattoos as spells, talismans etched in the skin. I mentally cataloged every symbol I saw for a year or two and ended up combining a common Goddess symbol from western neopaganism- the triple moon like this:


and the Hindu yoni goddess symbol. I like laughing at myself for having a "tramp stamp" but I put the design there very purposefully. It's on my root chakra, where sexuality and creativity are housed.

My dream tattoo is the entwined serpents that symbolize kundalini energy moving up from the root, awakening each chakra. That icon is especially powerful for me, because it also represents DNA, and the duality of the mystical imagery and the scientific illustrate my world view beautifully. I see the world as if two states of being- the physical and spiritual- overlap and intertwine.

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  1. OHMYGOODNESS!!!! I saw the wink within the wink! I saw that spine and even before I read about it, I thought instantly to myself: that painting is a nod to Frida and to me!!!!

    And I LOVES it!!!!!!!