Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Treasure Nest Tuesday #11: Meta Edition

I can't find the camera storage cards, and I've been wanting to try scanning some smaller treasures. I went through the house really quickly and picked up a random handful of cute thrifted stuff, then realized that I had daisy pins and a bones necklace and had to use only these little pieces.

I found the bone necklace the day after my Voudon priestess Halloween costume (slash respectful cultural nod from a Wiccanish lady to a powerful and curious escstatic religion) and the timing almost made me cry- I spent hours sculpting and hand painting tiny bones from Sculpey. (Sculpey!!! When I could have had real bone... aarrrrrrgfggggggggh.)

I have linkies to share, too:

The Simple Dollar (I Heart Thordora; thanks for sharing the article!) muses about the impact of second-hand kids' things with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act coming into effect. I shared a concern on Facebook about handmade toys being potentially illegal (HANDMADE TOYS BEING POTENTIALLY ILLEGAL!!!!1!!!!11!!!ONE!!!!!)  when I bought the Bird's dolly (Elizabeth Tweets... she deserves her own post, so I'm waiting for the camera to showcase her).I'm all for safety standards, and the idea of not having crushing worry about being too broke for cool wooden specialty toys will be better knowing pthalates & such are not being ignored by manufacturers. However, if this is used to put resale shops under, and during a bloody recession no less, I am going to lose my shit in a loud, messy way.

OK, breathing, relaxing, moving on.

And now... There are now two extremely compelling reasons to visit Brooklyn. The first is that Claire of the felted, playful, & delicious Once in a Dirty While has offered her couch and her wonderful company. Now the second reason has arrived: ReDress, the first plus-sized vintage shop in the US of chunky A. Thank this time to Feministing for enlightenment. Look at the Awesome (from their website):
It wasn't my favorite dress on the blog, but I'm in the stage of new-tattoo-lust during which I cannot focus on anything else if there is a cool tattoo in a nice location and I was moved against my will to post this image.

Today's post brought to you by over-abundant use of parenthesese. Also, italics.


  1. I like the blue & green dress on their main page.


  2. @Eden Yes! That one's so cute.. my favorite is the top right one in that group of photos. Want to shop there!

    Also, eleventy-one is my favorite number:)