Sunday, February 15, 2009

And Then There Was Rock Band

I have an Official Stance On Videogaming, which is that it is not fun, too blinky, not very life-enhancing, and requires entirely too many thumbs. Bu & his brother have been rocking it out, though, and I've hung out a few times watching them play. It's fun to watch but, you know... whatever. No big.

Then last night an overpriced, too-sweet Chardonnay and three Mountaineer Red Ales and a Bud Light insisted that I play, as a singer. I am a convert. I'm a veteran shower diva and car singer, but now I have a blinky electronic interface affirming my awesome. With numbers! That are points! I sang Wave of Mutilation first, and despite realizing with giggly nervousness that it was the original version and not the slow one I'm used to, I kept up. Then I sang In Bloom and was hooked. Emboldened, I wailed on Creep then Say it Ain't So. Those are my best. The Weezer is my masterpiece. Fun. Also, brother C's TV is EPIC. It takes up like a quarter of his living room. The designer in me is all "Nooo... that's totally excessive. Tres gauche." but the beers last night said "FUCK YEAH I AM READY TO RAWK! YAY TEEVEE!!1!!!11!" 

I've authorized Bu to start trolling eBay for the game & accesories. We may have found another ever-elusive common interest. Are there any sweet add-on band packages I'd like?

By the way, the interview meme is still forthcoming, including my justification of loving "bad metal."


  1. I completely agree. We have a friend who has Rock Band and I've only ever sung (no one wants to sing and I keep wondering "who wouldn't want to sing?"). It's a lot of dough but it's fun too.

  2. I don't dare buy one.

    And yes, justify. Bring it. :P