Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cerrie Burnell and Why British TV is Better than Ours

This adorable, golden fairy of a woman is Cerrie Burnell, a new costar of a kids' series on the BBC. Melissa of Sugared Harpy linked me to this story about a raving asshat pitchin' a fit about Burnell scaring her kids. There is a time and place, the mum says, for people to display their disabilities. Bwahahah heehee oh ho ho ho! It seems I now have a lovely excuse to become nocturnal. Or maybe I should be draping my arm in an old blanket I used to hide my nursing baby. Only wait! I totally forgot I didn't hate my human body then too! For the love of Whatever, Asshat Mum- her arm isn't even scary. Mine has a pincher, bitch! I could smash your fingers. No... for real, I kind of want to smash your fingers.

The comments at Shapely Prose are fabulous. Thanks for that, Kate and Kate's readers. Thanks Melissa for the link:)


  1. Is it a testament to my lack of visual acuity or to her hotness that I had NO IDEA WTF you were talking about until I checked out the photo two or three times? (And only after the disability comment did I get it.)

    People are serious asshats.

    (She's so cute! And I love her hair! The guy looks a bit English-dorky, tho... but that's also kinda cute, in an English-dorky kind of way :D)

  2. I'm writing about this for MamaPop for tomorrow. And I am not pleased, OH NO I am not, that asshats are against this lovely pixie of a woman. Bring on the haters!!!! I'm PISSED!!!

  3. I think her sidekick is totally adorable & fey, too. I bet they are precious on the air. I'll have to go troll YouTube for clips:)

    MissBanshee, I cannot WAIT to read your tirade:)

  4. Ooh, waiting to read MissBanshee. I LOVE how this image doesn't hide her arm, it's just a part of her and we like her, you know? I'm sure in the US we'd have cropped this at the shoulders or some stupid thing.

    PINCHER! I knew you rocked.

  5. http://clairlewis.livejournal.com/1716.html

    the real news about Cerrie burnell - please blog the news!