Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Conversation, Re: Lameness of NIN and Cinematic Adaptations of Mormon Vampire Tween Lore

Bu: You're cranky.
Daisy: Yes. Way lots. Sorry. Meh.
*electronic pop music on radio*
Daisy: I am cranky *pauses, so sentence sounds like A Declaration* because Nine Inch Nails will never be cool again.
Bu: Yes; that will never happen.
Daisy: Seriously! *mocking* "I need your discipline... WAAAH spank me WAAAAHHH."
Bu: *lols*
Daisy: I'm serious! He fucking sucks. You used to have to stay up late to see Nine Inch Nails videos. They were too scary for daytime MTV. Too scary!!! You used to have to sleep through first period because you were up sooo late watching Nine Inch Nails videos, then they gave you nightmares. With Teeth should have been called... I dunno... arghhh.... there were no teeth...."
Bu: "With Gums?"
Daisy: "Yes."Daisy, continuing, in manner of "snow...uphill both ways": "I want Nine Inch Nails songs that make Happiness in Slavery sound like a lullaby. I want anger. Fear. HEROIN and angst. When a bored suburban mom thinks your music is lame, you ARE TOO LAME.
Bu: I'm not sure that is his target demographic...
Daisy: *Glares* It's all the tweens, with their effing fanboy teeshirts. They have never heard of Broken or Pretty Hate Machine.
Bu: The tweens.
Daisy: Yes. *growls*
Bu: The tweens, you meant the ones who go to Mormon vampire movies with sparkly vampires.
Daisy: *Glares.*