Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Coraline Fan Art Inspired Self-Portrait

Fan art I don't do because I feel like time would be better spent creating things wholly my own. However, for movie premiers that are the equivalent of the Superbowl I (apparently) make exceptions. So here is my Coraline fangirl fun art, in its entirety. (A tighter crop in brighter colors is my new face on Twitter.) Since I made the leap of fangirliness, I invoked Delirium too just for kicks. And, OK, Sally as well since Henry Selick directed Coraline too:D

I think that a Neil Gaiman film adaptation is a peachy reason to put black streaks in my hair, celebrating he who is only wearing black until they invent a darker colour. I very nearly bought some dye after dropping Bu at work. (I have MOAR SNOW DAY! Hence the playing.) Unfortunately, I don't think our budget allows for both a (gasp! horrors!) non-matinee movie night and excellent goth hair.


  1. hehe, awesome! I love how your buttons are mismatched, too :D (Or seem to be, from my perspective: same button, different sizes).

    I haven't read the story yet, I feel I should do so before seeing the movie, yes?

  2. Very cool! Freaky, but cool :)

    I will have to see Coraline at some point - maybe Graham will go with me.

  3. When this popped up in my feed, it scared teh shit out of me.

    It's just a button!

  4. Sweet! Perhaps I can live without black streaks if I am scaring my feed readers:P (And I didn't even have to include any reptiles!)

  5. yeah, um, this one freaked me out. I like it i love it...but ya know