Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I am Contemplating Surrender

The sketching project is in a coma. I am considering letting it die, to be resurrected in a totally transmogrified form which relates to Seven Sketches only in that it is keeping me actively in artist brain. I have not decided to give it up... but I may. Or I might cut it back.

In any case, I am going to do an Artist's Way workshop at The Folded Leaf (a yoga + massage + general mindbodyhealth Temple of Awesome.) I think that'll be a better plan to scrape the rust off of my creativity and repaint it all... whatever. I'm too tired to finish a spiraling metaphor sentence.

Mothering a clingy toddler, working a nearly full-time job, and a daily sketch practice are like, to quote Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "oil, water, and a third unmixey thing." Evidence: people who are refreshed and clear-thinking do not quote long-ago-cancelled vampire television series on their fancy, serious fine art blogs. Or perhaps that's totally something I would do, but we have know way of knowing if it's fatigue related because I haven't been well-rested since early April of 2006 and I had no art blog then.

I am off to alleviate any guilt about quitting my art cards by posting at Grace in Small Things, the impetus behind this whole crazy idea.


  1. I say this with lots of love:

    Just do one card. Right now. Form doesn't matter, content doesn't matter, nothing except ACTUALLY doing it matters.

    This practice, the ongoing, daily practice of your art is something I think you need. Something to get you in the habit of art. Fuck whether it is Good or not. It just needs to be. And for it to be? Takes less time than writing a blog post.

    I love you too much to enable you to "surrender." This would not be surrender, this would be quitting. (I quit my attempt at NaNo this year, I did not surrender.) Sometimes we DO have to quit things... knowing when is important! (I'm not sad I quit NaNo this year, b/c I needed to get my depression GONE and quitting let me focus on that.)

    But I don't think you need to quit this project. I think it has been VERY fruitful for you!!!!!!! I think you've just hit a minor roadblock and need a little gentle coaxing...

    So. Start with one sketch on whatever paper you have, with whatever pen/ pencil you have. Just GO. Doodle it, baby!

  2. Oh, dammit Lexie, why won't you just let me suck!? LOL

    OK. I'll not quit. Yet. I promise I won't make a decision until I start the class.


    (I wasn't gonna email you or comment during your media fast, but I can't not tell you how awesome this is! So, just don't read it til you're done, OK????)

    You are such an inspiration (in - spire: to breathe in spirit :D)