Friday, February 27, 2009

Laptop Sickblogging

Things Which Are Not On My Agenda Today:
  • Showering. I did Wednesday morning. I remember because that was when The Oscars Plague* hit me.
  • Caring that I skipped my Morning Bedtime Pages yesterday. (Morning Pages link.) Seriously, if one is too sick to Twitter one is not going to write three pages of longhand.
  • Washing the creeping pile of dishes which aren't on Bu's agenda either and prompted us to order pizza last night.
  • Getting out of  bed longer than to go pee or take more Nyquil or ibuprofen.
  • Actual mothering. The baby is at the grandies' after a brief false alarm baby fever scare.
  • Giving Bu back "his" laptop. Because we are married, I believe things he "owns" are things he vowed to share with me without restriction. Especially when I am a poor sick person.
  • Earning money, which was not in my stars this entire insufferable week.
Things I Have To Do Whether I Want To Or Not
  • Shower. Maybe. I keep changing my mind.
  • Sketch out a few comps and decide on a design for my part of a poster for big art festival.
  • At least read up to this weeks' chapter in The Artist's Way and maybe do activities.
So, regarding The Oscars Plague. Bu came down with it suddenly on Oscars Night. That's why I've so named it. Bu recovered in two days, and never ran a fever, so it's possible I have something else. But, we are assuming it's because my immune system is teh suck, and had a delightful argument about whether asthma and depression can affect immunity. Please back me up here; I am sure they can. It is NOT about protein. Someone besides Bu snarked at vegetarianism... maybe it was Papaw. Or it was a fever hallucination:)


  1. I don't know so much about asthma but I know Depression can really fuck up your immunities. for realz. When I lived at home and was super depressed, I was sick constantly.

  2. 1. Shower! Long, hot, not even so much to clean yourself, but that hot, steamy environment will do you a world of good!!!

    2. well, duh about the depression and asthma effing up your immune system. asthma is a caused by your immuine system being basically hyperactive, which means it's already out of whack. then if you have an attack, that's gonna cause other issues. i got your back, cuz!

    3. wish i could help, but mary's got the beginnings on a cold herself. but she totally digs tissues, so that's a plus.


  3. Asthma and depression = major issues with illness. Oh FOR SURE! :(

    Vegetarianism = no issues with being sick, unless you're totally ignoring real food in favor of um... plastic food.

    (((((((((((((((((((((healing vibes)))))))))))))))))))

    So sorry you have teh sick :(