Monday, February 16, 2009

Medicinal Update

I have a prescription for Celexa, only the generic kind, which is nice. I was afraid Prozac was the only cheap SSRI. Unfortunately for you, I think my instincts about being in the zone this morning were right on- the place of thinking coherently and writing functionally is a place where now I am not. Consider that sentence my evidence.

I am cruelly, horribly not possessing Xanax. Am not surprised. I have a psych clinic recommendation- she swears it's free. First ten people in the door on Tuesdays and Thursdays win psychological health! Tough shit if your work and/or babysitter situation is less forgiving than mine are, I guess.

I look like hot boiling hell. I get this skin thing eventually when freak-outs get bad where my skin gets even more sensitive than usual and I seem to be allergic to my own tears. It looks like I'm crying battery acid. It's very pretty, you can imagine.

I'm dreading the two-week-zombie-phase but I remember it being better on Celexa than Prozac or Zoloft. Or Effexor, or blah blah blah.

There's going to be a nap now, then house cleaning, then baby snurgly lurve and food and husbandy concerned looks at his wife who was just two days ago very cute but has now started up with the battery acid tears and the superfun twitchy hyperventilating.

My meta brain diagnoses hope for my mood the rest of the day based on usage of the word "lurve" and caring about status of cuteness.

Also, quick open memo to pharmacist:

Sorry I invoked the name of Evil*Corporation. I was told I had to for you to agree to match their price. Thanks for doing so, even though you said you don't price match. I hope you know I was being for real when I said I wanted y'all to get my money and not Evil*Corporation. The whole code-word, speakeasy drugstore thing was weird, yo.

Thanks for the handy attached Healthy Life Market, too.


  1. Uh, comment deleted cause I wasn't logged into LJ? Weirdness...


    Also, you are still quite erudite :D

  2. Be well, be blessed, sweet souster.

  3. You're more coherent than you think, which gives me hope for my own cogency next time I go anxiety-crazed.

    **Huuuugs** and big lurve to the daisy-verse <3.