Monday, March 2, 2009

Breastfeeding Link Love, and I ADORE Salma Hayek

Remember when my blog was like "I love nursing! My milk is magic baby-sleep-making-juice and I can eat a gajillion calories a day... Oh ye Gods I hate nursing! I haven't slept in twenty three months and my brain is kiiillled by the booby-snarfing demon!!!" I totally miss it. It's still part of my mindset. During the Oscars Plague I was thinking, "What medicines are safe to take?... AH! Holy crap I can load myself up on whatever chemicals I want. WIN!"

So...I've just discovered Hoyden About Town. Fabulous cultural critique and feminist deliciousness. Their post on Salma's extended nursing is spot-on, and must be praised, linked, and well-pimped:

It’s not as simple as “The Patriarchy wants women to not breastfeed” or “The Patriarchy wants women to breastfeed”. What The Patriarchy “wants” (if you’ll bear with me on this somewhat teleological train of thought) is to have control over breastfeeding. Sometimes that might involve coercion to breastfeed (while withholding full support), sometimes coercion to not breastfeed, sometimes breastfeeding is a tool to confine women to the domestic environment, sometimes guilt over not breastfeeding is cultivated to sell women more products. Above all, breastfeeding women are reminded day after day after day that their bodies are public property, that breastfeeding isn’t a free pass out of the sex class, and that whatever they do, there will be no shortage of people telling them that they’re doing it wrong.
Australian and USAn societies are down there with the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world. We have developed a peculiarly pernicious mix of:
* half-secularised Puritanism;
* half-baked woman-hating Freudianism;
* toxic capitalism;
* mother-hostile workplace practices;
* social isolation of new mothers;
* a deep-seated fear and suspicion of any bodily intimacy that isn’t sexual;
* and an overwhelming sense of proprietorship of breasts by heterosexual men.
 Anyway, Salma is great and is, according to me, the most gorgeous woman on Earth. Maggie is the cutest quirky-sexy chick, but Salma is beautiful. Breathtakingy so. And with the talent... Elisa on 30 Rock is cracking my shit up. (P.S. Tina I <3 you too, of course.)

And for snarks & giggles, I give you Anti-Breastfeeding Bingo.

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  1. There may have been no better moment post-breastfeeding than when I realized that I could have DayQuil and NyQuil and not give it a second thought.

    Oh, the joy!

    I miss nursing Ciaran, especially because he just does NOT want to cuddle with me (with Noni, Baba, and Daddy, yes, but NEVER with Mummy)...but I don't miss nursing bras or having to constantly watch any medication I put into my system.