Thursday, March 26, 2009

Exhausted. Rain. Grace.

I was at the hospital late. Bad night; don't- for once- feel the overshare impulse. I'm heading back now to accompany Grandma to radition and an MRI. I get to ride in an ambulance, which is sort of cool but probably not as cool as I imagine. It's insanely annoying that she has to be transferred for these things. It's annoying that there are no doctors like Greg House to be inappropriate and snarky with me or to tempt me into adultery.

But, I'm starting my day with GiST:

1. (Hopefully interesting) book arrived from Amazon.
2. Happy juice found. (Essential oil called "peace & calm" that should be renamed "perkyish.")
3. Nurse told me I look like Grandma and she's pretty so that was sweet.
4. Comfy jeans.
5. Trimming my bangs and feeling 12 for a few days because they look too neat and also I was very young the last time I had bangs.
6. Coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee.


  1. Sending you love and healing thoughts for your g-ma.


    (I cannot hope but be ever hopeful that we will end up living near one another someday! Soon!)

    Peace and Calm? Totally intrigued.... is it an Aura Cacia EO blend?

  2. Oh wait, is it the Young Living blend? That's citrus and patchouli (and Tansy, which is not a smell I'm familiar with)...

    ZOMG, Heidi, that's MY FAVORITE SMELLS!!! Patchouli and orange!!!!!!! I make that blend ALL the Freaking Time!!!! If M liked the smell more, I would almost always smell like that (or like rose in some combo... mmmm... rose. He HATES rose, tho.)

  3. peace and calm (in oil and otherwise) to you.