Monday, March 30, 2009


I so very much loved her. Monsters vs. Aliens was much fun and I think I might have a small addiction to 3D kids' movies.  Mostly I just wanted to reference her because I am expirimenting with a HUGE header graphic.

Thoughts? Have I lost it?

(Image from Fox Kids.)


  1. Yes, I'm clearly insane. Will tweak and downsize. Whenever. :D

  2. I liked the font of the last one better and yeah, the size is a BIT big :D

    (LOVED Monsters v Aliens! M thought it wasn't paced very well, tho. He might be right, but I appreciated the adult jokes/ movie references. Remy was clearly enthralled... we did not do the 3D version, I hate paying extra for that sort of thing...)

  3. I like the new header.

    I loved MvA.