Thursday, March 5, 2009

GiST: Grace in BIG Things

It's so intense, this introspective work of the Artist's Way. Insights tumble over insights and spill out and over me with healing clarity. I understand something about myself that is huge and deep and broad and things settle around that knowledge like puzzle pieces.

My Grace In Small Things:

1. Doing something that feels right all the way down to my toes.

2. Realizing ways in which I hide my true self.

3. Witnessing breakthroughs all around me.

4. Finding myself falling easily into being more comfortable asserting myself.

5. The number Thirty 33 Three, full of groovy mystic mojo and roundness and coming in a bit over a month.

Tonight is Artist Date night. I'm going to an art lecture at the Cultural Center by incredible artist Erika Osbourne and possibly some wild girly mischief afterward.

Image credit: image of puzzle box prop from the Hellraiser franchise. Yay Clive, yay.


  1. Birthday coming up = yay!!!!!!!

    I am so excited and happy for you in getting this class! (Had you read the book before? I've read it many times, but never done it this intensively/ in a class setting before.)

  2. Yes, I think I've read the whole book, but doing the exercises I think I made it like two weeks in at the most. The group is the way to do this thing:) It's awesome. I might help facilitate on online for us all someday- how awesome would that be?

  3. Is Artist's Way just for visual artist or for us poetrypeople too? Though I have had people telling me for a billion moons that I should get on the vizart bandwagon, as it is for everyone and does not take talent and we're all unique snowflakes, etc etc...

    anyway, yay for artist date nights! can't wait to hear how it went :)