Thursday, March 19, 2009

Heads Up- Art Giveaway Deadline & Meat Out Event

I just wanted to bump up a new post about the Art Giveaway. Repost & tweet it up too. Comment at the original post (follow this linkie) by 6:00 am tomorrow! I just realized I should end it at the Equinox at like 7:45 but whatevs. Six is my magic number.

Mentioning deadlines, I think I'll take a quick moment to spaz about the fact that I have a painting due Saturday that needs a lot of work, and I have an astronomical sleep debt and a sick Nana and a baby girl who needs play time with her mama and a job and a husband who forgets what I look like and GAK.

Locals come to Meat Out Saturday at the UU near Magic Island:) Music,veggie NOM and silent auction to benefit local animals.


  1. I love the new layout! Hope you're doing well and taking care of you. I would love to bump into you one of these days outside the blogosphere!

  2. Thanks SpinsterChica:) When will you be in town again?

  3. *commenting*

    six is my number, too! prolly not in the same way that it's yours, but whatev.

    I am stoked that you got a letter for Festivall. that is awesome.

    love you, cuz