Friday, March 27, 2009

An Interview Meme

Thanks so much to Thordora for the insightful questions and damn but it took me like three years to answer them. Oops. The meme part is this: comment with a request for questions and I'll interview you as well. Other comments are of course welcome, too.

How do you deal with your physical self in public with your daughter? Does it differ from when you're alone and someone is obviously staring at the obvious?
I'm not really very snarky at starer-atters unless I'm in a foul mood; Even then I just give the evil eye. What I've noticed though is that I feel a thousand times more comfortable in my body now. Birthing was transforming that way. I also want to model that body-comfort for her, so I've found I'm more at ease doing things I might previously have avoided doing... I used to avoid cutting my food with a fork and knife- I can do it but I always felt awkward. I cut her food like this all the time, though.

More kids? What say you?
Here is some word vomit about having more kids:
  • want baby belly.
  • want new slings and an iddle nursling again.
  • stress no omg helllll noooooo
  • if we had more money
  • no; I don't have any more mothering in me than to nurture one baby and a neglected muse
  • doesn't matter; Bu is resolute with the No.
What is the most perfect piece of art you've created? What's the most perfect piece you've ever seen?
This was my favorite. It's from my first senior year, 2004. (Chemistry was a fatal error; Biology I rocked all up and finally graduated in '05.) I'm thinking of revisiting this repitition thing.

Prayer for Diminished Sorrow II

My favorite pieces I've seen were a rubber thing by Eve Hesse that probably influenced the design of a book I made about rain/tears, and the bronze birds by Kiki Smith that I held in my vurry own hands because we have this art collector goddess in my town who invited my Women Artists class to come chill with her mindblowing art.

Explain your love for bad metal. It's so covered in wrong sauce.
*cough* I am not a lover of bad metal. I am a Tool fan:) However, my taste in music is not of the hip and my profile probably looks like a 16 year old emo boy's. Whatevs. I've decided to embrace my lame.

\m/ <-- devil horns!

In my defense, I have only ever mentioned two Korn songs that I like and the rest suck except then right after I wrote this draft I heard their Unplugged cover of Radiohead's Creep my favorite song ever of all time this week and I liked it so that is 3 Korn songs and I feel dirty now.

Someone offers you the perfect life, anything you want-what does a day in it look like?

Here is the lofty version:
  • There is beach or a river... there is sunshine at dawn as I drink fair-trade coffee and write my morning pages.
  • I cart Molly off to a Waldorf preschool and then write a blog entry on a laptop with a processor so fast it breaks records.
  • I draw, sculpt, paint, or any combination of these. I break for a sushi lunch with Bu (who works from home too.)
  • I take a call on my iPhone from my agent who tells me my art/text/journalish book just got on the NY Time bestseller list.
  • I gift my clinic, NAF, and the ywca giant donations with my astronomical book sales.
  • I get a massage and my custom PT/yoga routine from a guru who admires my giant back tattoo and remarks on my increased flexibility.
  • Bu & I walk to pick up the Mollybird and then we hike on the beach/in the woods until our organic vegan dinner.
  • The babygirl gets a bath & goes to bed magically at 7:30! I read her the children's book I wrote just for her that paid for the Waldorf pre-school:)
  • I go next door to Laura's then we go around the compound of awesome people who magically live on my magic beach/river and pick up the Souster & Lexie & Lucy and drink champagne and watch House together.
  • Very good sex, a quick nightly doodle, then sleep in a huge bed.
Here is the modest version:
  • The babygirl gets a bath & goes to bed magically at 7:30!


  1. woman, that piece looks like alligator tale. WANT.

  2. LOL! Alligator tail was not what I'd imagined:) It is, alas, long ago sold to my stepmom. However, I am going to sell all or most of my student work at the FestivALL "Art on a Stick" yard sale- w00t!

  3. "Very good sex, a quick nightly doodle, then sleep in a huge bed."

    If the sex was so good, why are ya doodlin' yourself?


    Love, Souster

  4. *spasms of LOL* Drawing, Souster. A quick, nightly DRAWING:)

  5. That does sound like an awesome day. :)

    And yeah, I love the "Prayer for Diminished Sorrow."

    Oooh Ooooh!!!! Interview me!!!

  6. I love your magical day in the life! AWESOME!

    So Say We All!!!!!!!

    (PS: I like probably the same two songs by Korn, I'm guessing. And I love Creep, so I'm going to go find that cover now! And Tool is OK. I wouldn't call them bad metal... that's a title properly reserved for Slayer and others of that ilk.)

  7. Rebecca, I'll email you soon with your interview:) FUN!

    Lexiliscious, my Korn songs are Twisted Transister and um... the one? Mockingbird? Has lyrics like "What looked so strong so delicate...."

  8. And another word (or two) on more kids: Your massive swelling! remeber how giganto your feet were? I felt soooo sorry for you. At least you didn't have to strick yourself 5 times a day...


  9. Nell, yeah, but that falls under the category of selective memory:) I also read (unhelpfully after the fact) that loading up on tons of protein can help. Should have had more tofu!