Friday, March 6, 2009

Invisible Middle Finger and a Tale of Monkey Bay

Last night I witnessed the epic, best-ever arm joke. We were showering Amanda Jane with birthday presents. When she opened some handmade jewelry the subject of those magnet clasps came up. I shared my enthusiasmn for them, and demonstrated the awkwardness of using my left hand and my teeth to fasten a clasp. "Why would you do it that way?" asks Jamie. I hold up both hands and give her snark-face.

Jason laughs out loud and says, "I think you just got the invisible middle finger!" Hysterics ensued, amplified by a large drinking glass- like say, for water? or possibly beer? but not wine?- full of sauv blanc.

And here is the First Ever Daisybones Quickie Uneducated Wine Review:

Monkey Bay Sauvingon Blanc lives in a lovely bottle, and the cork is like pale aquamarine, which is awesome and has a pretty imprint of the pretty logo. The wine itself, however, is entirely too sweet. Sauv blanc is supposed to be a bit more crispy than sweet, methinks. Meh, I hadn't properly chilled the first glass either, so it's possible that the reason the subsequent couple or hundred glasses were better is that it was cold. Of course, it could be a volume-consumed equation there too. We'll never know.

This we do know: a night that begins with an amazing lecture about really exciting work and ends with a LOT of crackers and water and talking and waiting and waiting for sweet sobriety, and that contains in the middle of these two a great burst of fun-laughter-music-surprises-conversation is a very good night indeed.

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