Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Cheating! Writing, Painting, but not Reading:)

You may notice that after eleventy trillion years, I have changed my header graphic. After a series of forgetting things I ended up back home after starting my little commute like a good worker bee. I'd forgotten I had a Weave cover to lay out with Davka's amazing drawing, which- neener neener neener- I got to see before The Public. It took a little less time than I'd thought so I did one of the things from my chronic, (a word chosen carefully to reflect that is so like a disease) internal to-do list: paint a new header. It's a Photoshop painting. I am DYING like desert-thirst-craving to paint with real brushes and paints. After a spasm of clutterkilling in the studio yesterday, I can actually do that. Exciting.

Here are some things I, apparently, do when I cannot read:
  • clean my studio
  • notice a groovy object for my Pea to paint on for her contribution to the Kids' Art Auction for Earth Day.
  • draw more
  • watch suprisingly little television
  • go to park with family and take cool photos of the equipment and the bitty girl
  • draw with sidewalk chalk on the front porch with the Pea
  • imagine 500 things that I *need* to research RIGHT NOW zOMG.
  • have breakfast and a shoe shopping mission with my Souster
  • eat without reading or websurfing, a thing of which I previously thought I was incapable
That's just two full days. Crazy. I've decided after the week of no books/web to read one of the semi-clasics I've always planned to read from my shelf but have never managed to actually touch. As far as web research I'm going to dig into creative nonfiction and see where that takes me.

Also, I found my library book, the one with the overdue fee so big it dwarfs the stimulus package? I'm going to summon all my courage and go beg the librarian to take it back and fix my account somehow so I can be a real live library-going book nerd again. (Currently am thrift store and friend who steals books from your shelves kind of book nerd.)

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