Thursday, March 12, 2009

O My Mountain People

I was sitting on this until the press release, but Alex posted some of the letters on Facebook so I'm sharing too. (For those of you *cough* husband *cough* media deprivation police, I got an email notification. Was NOT hanging out on Facebook. Status of said reading fast is that probably six days is plenty and I should be allowed to read my blogs and the magazines that are piled up. But one more day won't kill me. Feels like it will, but I shall endure.)

So. My O design. It's here. You can read the text from it here. I noticed that the thumbnail icon looks great which means it'll work well from a distance too.


  1. Beautiful! Will these be for sale on Etsy?

    - Kerri

  2. Yeah, I can put this up for sale:) Hadn't thought of it as a stand-alone piece.

  3. I love it and am interested. Just let me know!