Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pondering Abundance and Encountering Resistance

This week's theme in The Artist's Way is abundance. Cameron writes about accepting that God Goddess wants us to be rich, defined as like feeling richly abundant or whatever and not necessarily dripping with money. There is an extra bunch of God Goddess goddess talk in this chapter. Because I am seriously getting annoyed with concepts of a personified, separate deity but am considerably less annoyed if female language is used, I drew a bold ♀over every instance of the word God. It made me feel immeasurably delighted. In other non-theist news (I'm currently identifying as a pantheist UU, in case you're keeping track) Religulous was totally fun to watch except for the very annoying, preachy ending. (I don't agree that one has to be an atheist to be rational, which seemed to be his assertion.) OK god sometimes you just don't come through / do you need a woman to look after you etc out of the way let's move on to

Class Anger: I has it. Lots. Don't mean to but I have an anti-consumerist bent that is in consternated conflict with a desire for pretty, delicious stuff and it all swirls together into a weird jealous-yet-scoffing thing where I'm all "eat the rich no! buy me that top-shelf Sauvignon Blanc NOM! no! I'll just have tap water... " But look- here's the thing: I want well-made things so I don't have to buy three of the cheap big-box version to last half as long. I want free trade stuff and healthy food. I don't want a wossname purse with the initials all over or a Caddilac. And I am allowed to want my crunchy lovely stuff, and to have it. I studied a craft, and I'm good at it, and I want to get paid for it, and I'll give alot of it back.

So my Artist's Date was also an exercise in relaxing and enjoying stuff: I browsed at a home improvement store and picked a color scheme for every room, and took camera photos of drawer pulls, curtain rods, organizing stuff... it was pretty much orgasmic. I'm heading to "class" and am hoping I can clear out any lingering guilt about being a material girl.

image credit: Design by Jakob Solgren via Desire to Inspire, discovered via Christine Fluttercrafts:)


  1. I missed this post b/c I was in TX.

    I TOTALLY hear you about both the God thing in her book AND about the class anger (and now guilt, to some extent, although I can always delude myself into thinking it isn't really *my* money, but it did buy me a house, didn't it?)

    I decided a long time ago (after reading the Communist Manifesto -- have you ever really read it? I had to for a class, it is awesome, if a bit dry) that true revolution will bring The Good Life to everyone. Fuck living in a gulag in Russia, I want everyone to have beautiful things!!!!!

    (This led to some interesting Socialist/ Communist/ Art as Revolutionary discussions in Graduate School. Communists who dislike Art, who don't recognize it as the true revolution it is/ can be PISS ME THE FUCK OFF.)

  2. holy crap i have class anger too, to the point where i just couldn't a date a rich guy because his obliviousness to the realities of finance poisoned his otherwise pleasant personality....

    anyway, just like there's a difference between cheap and frugal, there's a difference between being extravagant and just being...i dunno, high quality? of course you don't want fake food and plastic big box products. that shit is for suckers.
    it makes sense that you'd rather buy hand-made or make your own, and indulge sparingly where it matters.
    we didn't have to ask these questions so much back when we (society) made or traded things as a sustainable community.
    i'm sick of our culture vilifying "organic" and hand-made as fringe hippie dippy culture because modern interstate commerce and capitalism depends on quality being defined as The Name Brand.
    I don't think this rant makes sense and I'm angry so I'm gonna go pull weeds...

  3. p.s. i like nice things also, and sometimes i shop at books a million. and when i feel guilty about it, i try to remember that domestic violence rates went down in the rural counties surrounding southridge because a lot of those women work at those shops. oh, and i totally agree with you about religulous. it was like, "hey thanks for making this movie, billy mahar, but way to not at help at all and just go back to being part of the problem there at the ending."
    a great opportunity for dialogue turned into LOLXTIANS!

  4. Amanda & Alexis, your comments are rocking my socks off. Metaphor socks. I'm in sandals until it snows again, which better not be until November.

    The class went well... I need to work on affirmations. We are halfway through the workshop and I haven't been doing them at all. Meh.