Monday, March 30, 2009

A Quickie Feminist Reblogging Bonanza

The Universe is wanting me to get bloggy with all these links I've noticed. So I obey, because Universe is code, when capitalized, for Goddess- which is shorthand for an increasingly complex approach to the very notion of divinity- but Universe shows me stuff to blog so I must obey!

I just noticed today that Feministe has a category for Appalachia. It's been my experience that Appalachian women are crazy strong, but maybe not so much down with the label as a whole.

Feministing wonders whether one can be a "pro-life" feminist. I vote no, you really really can't be if you are politically anti-choice. No. Sorry, Sarah Palin.

Read this great piece by Courtney E. Martin. She talks about the present and future of the women's movement and generational differences and the evolution of the movement. Excerpt:
I don't think there will ever be a global, or even national, uprising of women focused on one singular goal. There will be no singular feminist agenda. There will be no women's movement. And that's not a bad thing. Because there will be thousands upon thousands of women -- young and old alike -- waking up tomorrow with big ideas, lots of resources and communication tools, and plenty of conviction that they have the right and responsibility to make the world better.

And that's enough regurgitated content. Actual creativity coming again soon.


  1. I used to be vehemently pro-life. Then I realized that pro-choice does not necessarily mean "yay abortions!" I think that's the hangup. I think a lot of people have this misconception that abortions are used as birth control by people too lazy to go to the pharmacy, which makes no sense at all. Once I met a few people who had struggled with this decision, I realized that nobody is really pro-abortion, and we need to have that choice.

    It also freaks me out that if that choice is taken away, so will so many womens' health options that we have available to us.

    I think more people would understand the pro-choice movement if they could wrap their heads around the fact that pro-choice advocates are not bloodthirsty baby killers -- we just want options available to us that would not be available in an entirely anti-choice atmosphere.

    (By the way, "pro-life" is a misnomer, as well. It's not pro-life if abortion isn't offered to mothers who can't survive a pregnancy, or in other dire cases where abortion is the humane thing to do. Oddly, this fact gets zero press time.)

  2. Dang-- sorry for the ramble. Sensitive issue... can you tell? ;)