Saturday, March 7, 2009

Quickie Sketch Post: Dead Red Daisy

Here's a quick sketch of my favorite dead, red daisy from my Valentine's bouquet from Shane.

I hope it can tide you over for a week. Week Four of The Artist's Way necessitates a reading deprivation week. No novels, no comic books, no magazines, NO INTARWEBZ. No tweets, Facebook trolling, et cetera. This is redundant. Y'all know already. Please to ignore; I cross posted:)

Following the week of no words, my brain should be a glorious zen field of a quiet of a tabula rasa.

So, resisting the urge to attempt a third sentence ended in latin, I bid you adieu and am excited to announce changes soon, of the bloggy variety. Namaste.

Edit: By request, here is a transcription of the text:

who does this? who thinks to buy blood-red daisies?
i adore that you knew that i needed to see that. i love
that you named me in the card the name of my truest
voice: daisybones. i love this
gift that affirms the things i've
dug up myself: that this whole
mode of being, a whimsical daisy
that is also a solid, visceral
crimson is the truth of my self.

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