Friday, March 6, 2009

Reading Vacation, Net Addict Version

Week four of my course dictates a holiday from the printed (posted)word. No, seriously. It's a clarity thing. Colonics for the mind? So after tonight there is no more RSS feed trolling, to Twittering, no Facebooking, no real-time blogging until next Saturday. Also no Rolling Stone on the toilet or Neil Gaiman rereading. To appease my terror of going offline and leaving the flow of conversation, as well as the niggling knowledge that I think in my BlogHer Ads contract I'd swore in blood I post twice weekly at a minimum, I have prepared a few very nice posts for you in advance. I'm allowed to generate words, I just can't read. As I am incapable of logging in to write without first checking facebooketsytwittergraceinsmallthingsfeedreaderETC for three hours, I am going to limit computer work to art making and email checking, as that doesn't count. Have a great week, and me and my empty zen brain will do the same. If you want to check in or have any questions, do email.
Cheers. Namaste. Xoxo.


  1. eep! That is HARDCORE!


    (YOU CAN DO IT! And now I kinda want to, too...)

  2. I *is* hardcore, but the program is working so beautifully, I trust her insight. Taking internet breaks is a great idea... but I've never gone a week with no reading. Bu thinks I'll implode. He was incredulous!

  3. I need one of these vacations as well. You've inspired me. Great blog. Love your cute photo!