Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring! And WINNERS! And Morphine!

(Morphine's for Grandma. Her biopsy was rescheduled until Monday so the drug free night of evil was for naught and chemical bliss is back on the table. Relief = good.)

Happy Vernal Equinox. I am adding verdant to my favorite words list on my about page. Let me be a wicked heathen temptress and offer you imaginary Chocolat. Lent and Easter make me crave a viewing of my beloved movie.

Ah.....We haz Winners:

1. Souster M, The Megatron, my heterosexual life partner *nodding @ Jay & SB* and photographinatrix, wins the Motherhood Levity art card.

2. Treesa of Blankets & Drums/Russet Woman, poetic muse and gorgeous kindred mystic-but-earthy soul wins the Red art card.

3. Miss Banshee of MamaPop fame, cat blogging hysteria-inducing funneh, and the best hair EVAR wins Eggy Nesty Birdy art card. Happy Ostara! w00t!

4. The Divine Miss Mia Ross-Dorsey of the nightingale voice wins the Eyeball & Blake quotey art card.

5. Big print winner is Rebecca Burch of the wonderfully titled Carpe You Some Diem blog and shop.

Mia, Meg, and Rebecca: let's have coffee and art gifting! Whee! Treesa & Miss B, I'll email you shortly for mailing info. Thanks so much everyone- this has been really fun. I'll definitely be doing more giveaways.


  1. YAY!

    I'm a winner!

    I loves my souster.

  2. And ur Souster lurves you:)I'm glad a mama won that one.

  3. *sniff sniff* i didn't win and she doesn't even want to have coffee with me :(

    i still luvs her, tho.

    and this momma mighthave to scrape up some cash to try and buy gravity/levity, if possible. I crave that.


  4. my staying-up-late-and-getting-up-early-fogged brain did not understand why there was a woman's head on a platter. orrr integers? oh hectic collegey schedule, what would cogency do without you?

    Yay, art art art I am le super excited! Thank you for your generosity darling :) I might be delayed in replying to your email due to Spring Break and town-leavings, but it will happen. Lurve and smooches <3