Sunday, March 1, 2009

Text from the 'O' Snake

Part of the recovery/discovery I'm working through in my Artist's Way experience is to own my writings. I feel like in a way I'm hiding my words as texture. I've thought for a while about transcribing my (occasionally illegible) streams of consciousness. Perhaps I'll change my mind later, and want to preserve the writings as part of the paintings. But for now, I want to broadcast my words. This is the prayerpoem from the FestivALL poster, my O design.

i call you out
from these hills and rivers,
from under moss and leaf and rock,
from under buried bones
and the foundations of churches
built in quiet hollows.

i call you out from shaded valleys
to sing and dance,
to paint, to weave your story.
i call you to witness
this & raise
a loud thunder in these quiet mountains.

i call you to shake the earth.

i call you to wake and rage
and rush forward like white water
to reclaim this,
our old green home.

from these our hills and rivers, i call you to rise.

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