Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Treasure Nest Tuesday #16: Mismatched Boho Drapes

My mismatched drapes are one of my favorite things about the house. Quintessential Treasure Nest:) The patchwork piece is a wrap skirt for a skinny person and the red thing is just a huge scarf. They're in the dining room, but at the time these photos were shot we were using it as our living room. Both are from my time working/shopping at Past & Present, benefiting the transitional housing run by the ywca of Charleston.

If I ever decide I want matching curtains, they will have to be patchwork. LOVE.

Also? Yes: guilty.... no new photo for Nesty Goodness. I dug through the old baby Flickr account for something-anything I bought second hand ever because I'm bored bored bored and I miss my bloggy friends and I can't read you but I can still write so GodAsMyWitness I WILL do my Tuesday post!!! and holy mama I only have three more full days to go and then I'm going to read everything on the whole internet and all Saturday I will tweet things like: "I LOVE page 321," and "Page 410 sux," and "Page 567 is mediocre but Some Blogger just wrote Some Awesome Post," and "I <3 Delirium w00t!!!" And all will be bliss.


  1. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love your boho drapes, they're cute :D

    (We have no drapes, except the black out ones in the bedrooms... we're all blinds, all the time.)

  2. I like blinds too. We have terrible verticals. I salivate when I see nice wooden blinds:)