Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Treasure Nest Tuesday #17: Gifted, then Stolen Hat

Yes... Wednesday. This is me, scoffing at the space-time continuum. Reality: I want to go to there. But I am not there. I'm in my head, in my worries, in my knotted belly, braced for what's next. (Hospice for Grandma.)

Cozy hats? Who likes cozy hats? One last comfy winter thing and then on with Spring! This was a gift to Bu in a package stuffed full of wonders from Marianne. I steal it a lot. It's kind of mine now. Evil laugh, etc.


  1. @Eden
    I totally do, too:) Took it with my girly pink Razr and the lens distortion makes my eyes look huoooooge. I had my eyebrows groomed well, too. Ahhh. Taking a moment for silly reveling in cuteness = priceless.