Monday, March 23, 2009

Treasure Nest Tuesday #18: The Chaos Scarf

$1: That's my justification for buying a somewhat messy scarf. Also, I'm kind of in love with it like the way you'd love a scruffy flea-bitten mutt at the pound. Who puts autumn colors and spring pastels in the same piece? Chaos does. Delirium knitted this scarf for me; I'm sure of it.

Here is Delirium.

Speaking of my Patron Saint of Crazy, I have determined an Important Mathematical Conversion, & should you ever need this information, I am sharing it:

2 bags valerian tea infusion steeped for 15 minutes = roughly .25 mg Xanax.

Also? One early "Treasure Nest" post = 5 gillion late ones.

Next week: the Destiny Shirt. Hmm. Since I've gone the whole Gaiman-ey* route, let's pretend I never said the Chaos Scarf. It's the Delirium Scarf. Maybe I can find, like... The Dream Pajamas? but I don't have those yet. The Destruction Teapot? Ooh: I should make that! Probably Julian Schnabel maybe did that already...I will never, ever blog the Despair nightgown, but the Souster (roommate during my second third most epic breakdown ever) knows of what I speak. I suspect she burned the thing. It's been missing for some years and that's as it should be.**

*Edit: w00t!! Neil quote, via Bust, via Feministing.

** More Edit: Souster confesses she and her now-husband conspired to trash it when we were moving out:) The Souster is Jiminy Cricket for fashion, only sometimes I don't listen and insist that 90s grunge can collide with straight-up dirty 60s hippie with a splash of emo รก-la my-last-haircut-was-during-the-Bush-administration.


  1. GoodNESS GRAcious, that's an awesome scarf!!!!!!!!!

    And HELLO HOTTIE! You're looking mighty sassy and fabu right there, yes you are!

    (PS: Lexielandia news update, on filter, check it out! It could put us closer to you! :fingerscrossed)

  2. Lovely scarf, suits you perfectly. I assumed you made it. I like yer new blog. I'm finally getting back into the habit of updating mine. Blogher, eh? you makin' cash from those side ads? Awesome! Let's have that slumber party we discussed previously. I'll make blood orange and brandy ice cream. YES.

  3. I dig the scarf. Probably because I adore Delerium. (I went as Death for Halloween so many times in college. I just kind of looked like her back then, and my BFF looked just like Delerium, so it worked.)

    Also, re: valerian tea -- good to know. You can't exactly pick up Xanax whenever you need one. I hear Kava Kava is good for that too. Hmmm...

  4. Rebecca, I have been wanting to try kava kava too but never have. The Halloween outfits sound so awesome. I've always wanted to dress as Del but have been holding out for a truly awesome idea about her eyes- which I have had! I'll have to do it this year:)

  5. your language in this post made me giggle in brain-cloggedy-ness. yay funky clothes and mismashed styles!

    g'damnz I love me some gaiman, him and joss and need to write something together, if they haven't already...

    valerian tea can halps insomnia? or just depressioness? 'm confuzzled =/

  6. ps I now gots a twitter, and am following (stalking/) a certain daisymama ;)