Tuesday, March 17, 2009


No time for Treasure Nest Tuesday, or for eating or sleeping or doing much besides worrying. My uncle will be in from New York this afternoon, and the Mollybird  is crashing at the grandies' tonight, so some pressure lifts. Sleep has been not my friend, so I plan to drink a shitload of rum spot of herbal tea and sleep for a hundred hours.

I think I can make class tomorrow night and a Meat-Out Vegetarian event thing at my church Sunday. If nothing else, the painting I'm donating for an auction at the event is working out well and will be ready even if I can't make it. I wanted to post progressive photos of my first brush and canvas painting in 7 years at least, but yeah... no. I'll get a "finished" photo and call it good.

Look how sweet my ladies are. Molly was 6 months old. Sitting was a new skill.

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