Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weekend Roudup of Things I Forgot to Blog This Week

1. I was featured in an Etsy treasury. (Should I keep the shop at TwoSerpents or move to Daisybones for continuity? I'm obsessed with coming out and Being Daisy. Bear with me... something shiny will distract me soon.) Here's the screen shot:

Bu was highly amused that the theme was mental illness. If going from teacup sweetness to psycho angst isn't vintage Daisybones, I don't know what is. All hail extremism in mood and healing via creative catharsis.

2. How did I just now discover R. Buckminster Fuller? I mean, I knew the name and under deep hypnosis could maybe have dredged up Bucky Balls and architectural something, but Keri Smith launched me into an obsessive need to read everything by or about Bucky.

3. I have been directoried. Indexed, interviewed, and encyclopediafied by a young art student named Kara. The article is part of a new local art blog-directory thing. Here is my cool observation: I read that my art resembled comic books and the geek in me yelled "Squee!!!" just before the Overthinking Art School Neurotic said "Gack! Is that a good thing? I didn't mean to look all pop." I looked at my linework and then decided: yes. The graphical nature of my style plus the use of text = comic book look, FTW!

4. On a related note, I had a major insight during my Morning Pages. It was the week of unearthing childhood stuff and I remembered that I am Wonder Woman. I found a good image and pasted it on the cover of my everyday-stuff-in-my-bag-sketchbook:

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  1. I've got a picture of you in you wonder woman underoos!