Friday, April 3, 2009

Color Conundrum

Edit: Please ignore. See next most recent post & pretend I don't post things before I've thought them through. Thanks & goodnight:D

So, can I borrow your eye & critical brain for a moment? I have this project I've been thinking about for a hundred years, and I am playing with this logo and I kind of like it. However, the peachy muted whatever color invokes, to my eye, a fleshy hue- very specific, very Caucasian flesh tone. I don't want this to look like "sex positive (white) bloggers network. Does it read this way to you or is it just me? I want this to be super simple, and not erm, sexy. Looking for social/health advocate-ish. But also, warm. But not feminine or gendered. Yargh... halp? Please to comment with critical thoughts and color theory wisdom. Also: Anyone want to be listed in a directory of bloggers who identify as sex-positive? Details forthcoming.


  1. I didn't even make the caucasian connection until you mentioned it. It's just a nice, warm color that complements the rest of the text nicely. Now that you mention the race thing, it's really kind of a nice flesh color that could represent many different cultures, so it's still not really caucasian, specifically.

    So, call me a noob, but what exactly is sex-positive?

  2. I'm not a fan of either color, actually (they seem blah, and blah is not what I think of when I think of sex or even just being sex-positive). But you know me, I'm Colorful Grrl!

    In terms of the race thing, it kind of looks like two tones of flesh color to me (the "black" is a bit blue toned for private parts, but there are African people who have that skin tone.) My own flesh is a hell of a lot paler than the other...

    PS: I'd love to be in that directory, but almost all my sex posts are friends-only. I should start up a sex-positive blog, one my family doesn't know about (I just get weirded out by my parents reading about my sex life...). But you know how good I am at maintaining extra blogs... le sigh.

  3. Lex, Yeah, you do like brighter colors than I do- I'm earthy girl:) The dark color is a really deep greyed-out purple that looks gorgeous to me on this monitor. Anyway... I'm looking for a soft but not sexy look. Also, my thinking in calling it Sex Positive Bloggers Network rather than Blog Network is that I want it to be a ring of bloggers who identify as sex-positive even if they never address sex or sexuality at all. I just want to give some link love & a little proud-to-be-me badge to writers who have a sex-positive attitude.

    Rebecca, you can look at the Wikipedia article for some more info, and you'll find vaguely different takes on defining sex-positivity... it's like asking for a definition of feminism:) My wording would be:

    "the stance that sexuality is a normal, healthy aspect of humanity. It's a celebration any expression of any sex that involves one or more consenting people who've reached the of age of consent. As long as the sexual act doesn't hurt or infringe on another's well-being, sex is a morally neutral- if not morally good- act, and sexual expression is healthy, good and *not a sin.* Public sex education should be comprehensive at each appropriate stage of development and based on biology, anatomy, and reproductive science. Access to reproductive medicines, tools, and information should be unrestricted."

    Woah. I got really specific:) Basically, it's a reaction against what's been dubbed sex-negativity, i.e. the idea that sex sinful unless it occurs in certain sanctioned ways; attitudes like homophobia, sexism, and attempts to restrict reproductive choice.

  4. Dood, I'm so in, then! SWEET! (I should really post more about sex, tho!)

    The purple is now a different color on my monitor and looks nice now... I think b/c it was too light in here before? WEIRD. Seriously, it looked blackish blue meconium style to me before...

    Oh, yeah. It changes when I change the angle of my monitor, that is SERIOUSLY weirding me out! LOL

  5. LED screens wreak havoc on colors:) I. Cannot. BELIEVE. you called it meconium color! I have died from the giggles & gross outs.

  6. LOL

    (PS: never mind about my last PS., I figured out how to add a feed for your comments :D Although I do prefer LJ's emailed comments, a feed will do just dandy!)

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