Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ganesha Sketch in Progress

I can't believe this is my first Ganesha drawing. Drew it last night at Taylor Books. I'm working through designs for tattoos, and another project. I luff my Dancing Elephant God. He makes me feel all pagany-worshipful:)


  1. I LURVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (um, is it just me or is his left boob on his arm?)

    One of these days I'm gonna sit down with you (in REAL LIFE) and go over some design ideas for my tattoo that I'm wanting...

  2. Yes there ARE some boobie anatomy flaws:) They'll be revised in next drawing. I love his manboobs. LOVE:) XD

    I am stoked for Lexie hangouts!!!

  3. I KNOW!!! manboobs are Teh aWeSuM!!!!!!!!!!