Monday, April 20, 2009

H. R. Evans, Forensic Momologist

If you came here for an art blog and are uncharmed by scampish children, please click here:)

You're cool with goofy offspring stories? Excellent, then. Let me tell you what happened this weekend.

First I discovered Exhibit A:

Sneakily, I inquired if the suspect had perhaps eaten some sidewalk chalk. She answered with Who, Moi? Face, as shown:
Then I presented the evidence to her, pointing out the tiny Molly-teeth marks:

Suddenly, the perp realized she was nailed, and flashed her Oh Snap! Face:

Expert Mommy that I am, I assured her that chalk is not a nutritional food, and that mama is smarter than she is. But secretly I told her "zOMG, Birdy! you are the best blog fodder babeh in teh world."


  1. Best.Babeh.Expressions.Evah.

    (She's such a big kid!!!!!!!!!!!! Where did wee birdy go???? OMG! She and Rems NEED to play together!!!)

  2. You're so GOOD about the craft supplies...I still need to buy my poor kid an easel. I will be damned to hell forever.

    And dude, Molly gets cuter every DAY!

  3. Mary was eating pain last night. I else does one explain the paint around her mouth and on her lips?