Friday, April 17, 2009

New Etsy Shop Listing - Yoni Prayer

Update! I lost the original file during the evil PC crash of 2011, but just found a stray copy of the print. I'll be re-scanning it and listing it for sale on Etsy soon. Sign up for my mailing list for updates and exclusive content, drawings, and giveaways.

I spent my birthday morning (woo, and then hoo) sorting paperwork. I found the original drawing for the Yoni Prayer digital painting and listed it for sale here. I'm working on the treasure nest drawing print too, by special Lexi-liscious request:)


  1. beautiful piece!! and happy, happy birthday to you!

  2. Happy Birthday Heidi-liscious!!!!!!!!!!!

    And, YAY!!!!!!!!

  3. PS: Just bought self-portrait... do you mind if I wait a day to pay via pp? I have someone buying shorties and I'll not have to transfer them... if it isn't kosher, no worries!

  4. VAGEYENA! mwuahahaha
    happy birdday to you, heidi. i'm bummed a missed the benefit/heid birthday combo at the glass...i was in jackson county playing pioneer woman to jason's trailer monkey (or something.) i have a key print for you, which remains a good excuse to drag you out for coffee, or intrude on your abode with foods and drinks. i hope it was a good one; i am so glad to know you're revolving around the sun with me :)

  5. This is gorgeous!