Monday, April 13, 2009

Put Out.

Danielle says: Sell Your Soul.

Elena links to this article, Top Ten Things They Never Taught Me in Design School.

The way these things have settled into my brain leaves me with this advice to myself: Put Out. It's provocative and punchy. It's a directive to go forth and be fruitful with my big sassy goofy goddessey self. Doodle a thousand doodles and if ten are great, WIN. Just PUT OUT. ZipPOW! Do it, Mama. YES.

Tonight's going to be Outta-The-House-Sketch-Night.

By way of illustrating, I show you this very endearing sweetness by Jess Gonacha of Pecannoot. YUM. Want to lick her brain. This is a thing I say metaphorically. No, I totally lied; I'm a zombie om nom nom BRAINZ.

I heart you, Celexa. OOOkay, bye.

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