Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Treasure Nest Tuesday #22: Prayer Flags. The Old Ones. You'll Thank Me Later.

There are new prayer flags- a big, long, saturated-with-Tibetan-color-chain of them. They were a gift from Souster, who has a photo blog- without any photos yet please hurry because they are so pretty.

I have just quickly drunk two glasses of Sauvignon Blanc, and it just after that struck me that it would be So Freaking Awesome if I made Bu take naked portraits of me draped in prayer flags. It'd be a whole commentary on Body As Sacred & whatnot & then on the heels of that thought came this nice, sane memory of having shot (myself) a passable photo of the current, well-windblown, Nepalese prayer flags.Without any nakedness whatsoever. You're quite welcome:

These are a good 10% of the reason I decided that Shane was my foreveraneveranever soul mate because these were hung opposite a poster (framed, so therefore very classy) of Jim Morrison. They are now liberated from that smokey (incense, people- what are you, DEA? GET OFF MY BACK ALREADY!) room and dance in the wind of our front porch.

Same house, but now the mortgage is in our name. So, roots: We gots 'em, and also flags and occasionally wine but not any more. Love you goodnight. Happy Tuesday.


  1. I have two sets now (but only one set is up): a set I got in the mail for some Tibetian mailing list please donate to us type thing, which are paper and over my front door on the inside and a cloth set I bought at a cool Tibetian store in Santa Cruz when I was there for the wedding (I also bought G and A a larger set for their wedding present :D)

    I can't decide where to put the cloth ones... was thinking front porch, but the back porch is where we normally hang...

  2. So glad the prayer flags were welcome in their proper home. They complained so much about the non-Zen nature of Casa de Blinky.

  3. Nice - I love a house with prayer flags. Seems friendly, even if I don't know the people in the house.