Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"I Want" Wednesday

Oh hullo. I'm a Blogger. Tooootally forgot. I googled "blog meme" and discovered The Daily Meme and "I Want Wednesdays" which is nice because the only quasi-logical thought in my brain besides OH NO I haven't blogged all week is a list of demands that my creative-self-inner-child-artist-being-id is making of her world:

  • baby to have her own wee adorable bed
  • to fix up the studio as a functional 1) studio 2) guest bedroom 3) insomnia-addled mama back-up bedroom
  • to sketch/muse/drink tea in said room whilst composing thoughts for new work which is due in FUCKING 18 days
  • for it to be OK for me to pronounce Wed-nes-day like Emma Thompson
  • to hold my copy of: {diary of} Diary of Elephant Girl, my one-off working edition which I decided cannot be seen by anyone one Planet Earth yet who is not me (it should arrive today!)
  • a Chelsea, with slightly longer buzzed portion than pictured:


  1. Oooh, I like that haircut, it will look SEXAY on you!

  2. i want that woman's to wear around as mine, not on a pike or anything. the new design looks GOOD. best to have that etsy front and center :)