Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Seeking Guest Posts, or Send HALP!

I'm consumed, creatively, with my book. I have a blog that needs love & nurturing. So: Help. Guest posts may cover the following topics, which are often touched upon in my eclectic little world:

1. The hotness of Maggie Gyllenhaal
2. Art- visual or text posts
3. Creativity in a general sense
4. Depression, anxiety, or other mental musings
5. Parenting
6. Secong-hand or handmade treasures
7. Sustainable whatever or veggie food
8. Poetry

You needn't have a blog to submit a post. Just comment here with interest & I'll get in touch with you soon:)


  1. I can try & give you something. Can't say when or what ;) but I'd like to help.

  2. You need depression? I got depression!

    Seriously, though. Anything you want, I'll write on...mostly ;)

  3. Have written one up for you - what's your e-mail? I'll send it and you can post it (or not) as you like! If you don't, I'll post it in my journal instead.

  4. Woops:) Email posts to heidi [at] daisybones [dot] com :)