Friday, May 1, 2009

Transparency & Vulnerability

I got the outline ready for the Elephant Girl book. I'm having an incredibly tough time with this project. I feel like I'm in labor, when during contractions I could stand anyone to talk to me. I can't talk about the book. I want to go hide and hermit up somewhere and do it.

It's dredging up every doubt and anxious worry in my whole psyche. I'm terrified of it.

What keeps me on track is a memory of a professor and friend, Sabina Haque, who told me she thinks I need to make art that scares me.

I'm there.

Bu talked me through it a bit last night. It was his great idea to treat this as a prototype. So I may not let anyone see it until it's ready to be really born. But at the end of this month I'll have my book.


  1. Many happy returns on the imminent birth of your bookly-darling, I am sending you untroubled-shiny-creative-gestation vibes <3!

    (Weird note: had a dream last night that two of my best male friends fell in love with you. Not sure what it symbolizes, but it was weird and flattering, as they are hansum' boys.)

  2. How funny, Treesa! I am basking in the boy lurve:) It's going a little easier now that I have a start on the drawings & stuff.